Friday, 2 August 2013

My Three Shadows Photography Centre workshop on how to edit and promote one's own photography

Found in translation?
A design and communication issue perhaps. Would you apply for a workshop run by a two-headed monster? The photo works better small, I think. But it looks like I have 10 people enrolled and I have much to learn....

John B Turner: self-portrait on Singapore Airlines Flight, May 2013

Another small delight and a bit more showing off
I am chuffed that Te Papa press chose my 1968 portrait of Peter McLeavey, the much respected Wellington-based art dealer, for the cover of their forthcoming biography by Jill Trevelyan. Peter is an old friend from my Wellington days. The biography follows the film, 'The Man in the Hat' made by another good friend, Luit Bieringa. Both men have had a long-time commitment to photography as an art.

John B Turner: Peter McLeavey, Peter McLeavey Art Gallery, Cuba Street, Wellington, 1968. Picture cropped for a good cause but not improved

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